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Focus on the Future

Frequently Asked Questions

On July 19, the Crystal Lake City Council unanimously approved a request by the Library Board to place an Advisory Referendum question for a new 75,000 square foot Library on the ballot in November 2016. If approved, the new building was to be constructed adjacent to the Library’s current site and would have cost $30,100,000, which would have amounted to a 36 cent, $11 dollar a month ($132 per year) tax increase for a home with a Fair Cash Value of $200,000.

Below were some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this Advisory Referendum. Please contact the Library at if you have questions that were not answered in this list:

Where will the new Library be located?

Does the Library own the property?

Are libraries still relevant?

What work has been done to demonstrate a need for a new Library?

What are the benefits of a new Library facility for our community?

Does the proposed plan address future needs as well?

What’s the history of the current Library building?