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Focus on the Future

What are the benefits of a new Library facility for our community?

Strong schools and public services such as a public library support the high quality of life in our city.  Crystal Lake is known as a desirable place to live and improving our Library will help our community continue to be a place where families want to locate.  When families want to move to Crystal Lake - that is good for business, good for economic development, and, good for property values.

The long-term benefits reach beyond property values.  CLPL, our Library, is a place to meet and engage in learning opportunities for people of all ages. It is a place to lay the educational and cultural foundation for our children’s development. It is a place to enhance and that development throughout a lifetime. It is a place where the young can gain roots, a sense of tradition and master creative pursuits. It is a place where mature residents can stay current with an every changing world And true to our mission, it is a place to learn, enjoy and explore through resources, classes and interactive experiences.

Below are some of the many benefits to building a new Crystal Lake Public Library for our community. 

  1. a new, dynamic facility that will address the needs of our community now and for generations to come
  2. a symbol of the community’s pride and willingness to provide resources for all residents
  3. a community gathering place that will attract new residents and stimulate local business
  4. a building with integrated state-of-the-art technology throughout
  5. a building that will be adaptable and flexible to meet the needs for generations to come
  6. no more ongoing repair costs nor future requests for building updates (Doing "nothing" will cost $9.1 million in repairs).
  7. small group study rooms for group collaboration, tutoring, quiet study, etc.
  8. better lighting throughout
  9. an expanded collection of materials, especially those deemed most popular to patrons
  10. better display of items and easier access to them (no more high/low shelves)
  11. automated materials handling which will greatly speed the return of materials to shelves
  12. more parking, with additional space at Paddock Street to accommodate Husmann overflow
  13. more and varied seating throughout for reading and study
  14. robust, reliable WiFi throughout building
  15. electrical power available throughout building
  16. a modern HVAC system that is both efficient and effective
  17. more computers for individual use and classroom learning
  18. expanded and updated children’s play area
  19. more programs, events, and learning opportunities for patrons of all ages
  20. more room for all interested patrons to participate or attend programs and events
  21. ground level access for all, but especially those with disabilities or families with strollers
  22. a drive-up book return
  23. large meeting rooms for community use
  24. entry space for display of local art, children’s awards, and traveling cultural exhibits

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