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Paying It Forward...

Kathryn I. Martens Library Director, Judy Pelinski Community Harvest Chair and Library Board President Terri Reece with the Pay It Forward Check for $9,528

CLPL's Pay It Forward -
Forgiving Fines to Feed Families:
Program raised $9,528 for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry
CLPL is a Legacy Partner with Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce's Community Harvest

According to William Eich, Crystal Lake Food Pantry President, "The Crystal Lake Food Pantry purchases many of the basic items we provide through the Northern Illinois Food Bank (N.I.F.B.).  Through our partnership with N.I.F.B. we are able to buy the equivalent of $8.00 of food with each donated dollar or a ratio of $1 = $8 of food.  This gives us the ability to provide so much more food to our neighbors in need than if we just went to the local grocery store to buy the items ourselves. 

With this being said, the total of $9,528 raised through the Crystal Lake Library’s Food for Fines program will enable us to purchase the equivalent of $76,224 worth of food for our neighbors in need.  To break this down to a family level, this amount of purchasing power will allow us to provide groceries to feed 95 families for the entire year according to the Northern Illinois Food Bank." 

Pictured above: Kathryn I. Martens Library Director (at left) and Terri Reece Library Board President (at right) present a "large" check to Judy Pelinski Community Harvest Chair to represent the $9,528 the Library took in during Pay It Forward - Forgiving Fines to Feed Families program.